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Welcome to Loftus and Whitby Athletic Club


At the last AGM the following members were elected to the committee.
NOTE: The treasurer's job has been divided into 3 roles to ease workload.
Minutes can be downloaded below.

Chairman Ian Rodgers  
Vice Chairman R Williamson  
Treasurer (subscription) D Horness  
Treasurer (accounts) A Bostock  
Treasure (club fees)   I Rodgers  
Secretary   Catherine Hare / Tony Hare  
Club Captains   Men: Dave Parkin  
  Women: Angharad Owen  
  Junior: Nathan Parkin
Committee Neil Duffield  
  Dave Horness  
  Andrew Pearson  
  Mally Peggs  
  Rob Williamson  
Welfare Officer Jo Braithwaite  

word doc Minutes of AGM - held 3rd April 2007

word doc Minutes of Meeting - 21st November 2006

Latest News

14 April 2014
Coniston 14 Road Race 2014

Once again Loftus and Whitby were well represented in the Lake District for this annual event.Some might say that over the years that the athletic content of the weekend has become secondary to the so..

03 March 2014
NYSD Relays

The mens team just missed out on winning the relays, losing first place which they had held from the gun in the last 300m.

23 February 2014
National X/C

The nationals were held in Nottingham, please read attached report and add your comments

14 February 2014
Road Relays Croft

Attached are details about the relays at Croft on 2nd March

14 February 2014
Final accumulatives

Attached are the accumulative totals for this X/C season. individual winners are Isobel u/17, Sue v35, Nicola v40, Paul v 45. in 2nd place Jasmine u/13, Carol v35 and Mally v 55. Ladies team 1st and m..