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Welcome to Loftus and Whitby Athletic Club

Latest News

19 January 2015
Cummulative scores after Summerhill

Attached are the scores after Summerhill, only one meeting to go at Richmond so a lot can change. Details about this meeting are on the fixtures page

12 January 2015
NYSD Hartlepool

Results on results page. Well done to ladies 1st team. Brilliant weekend for Nicola, top 20 at Yorkshires then 2nd place yesterday. Also good to see Jasmine bouncing back with a 1st place .

11 January 2015
Hartlepool Marina 5 road race

Please could you let your members know about the Marina 5 road race on 29th March 2015. Online entry is via the attached link:

11 January 2015
Yorkshire X/C champs

Results are now on the fixtures page

09 January 2015
Mulgrave Castle 10k

This will be held on Sunday 7th June at 11am. On line entries will go on line on Feb 1st

22 December 2014
Poultry Run 2014 Revised results

Apologies to Maddie Whyte who was somehow missed off the original results. This has now been rectified.